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Newly renovated and traditional Machiya townhouse is a truly Japanese experience. Natural and local building materials with a touch of Western luxury! Its WOW!!!

1. Free and unlimited portable WiFi for you!
2. No sharing: this is a private apt!

Before you make the reservation, please read very carefully of the following rules:
1. The machiya is in a Very Very quiet neighbourhood, you have to be very quiet all the time please.
2. You have to check in before 8pm in the night, otherwise please don't make a reservation
3. If you have to check out before 8am in the morning, for catching a early flight or something, you need to leave the house very very quiet, please do not drag your suitcases on the ground in the neighbourhood, you need to lift it up.

This a traditional Japanese House, a Machiya
The house has one living room, one kitchen/dinning room on the first floor, two bedrooms upstairs.

The living room and bedrooms are tatami floor which you can sleep on futons like real Japanese.

This house is not suitable for young children and elderlies. Because the house has very steep stairs.

There’s also one toilet, and one bathroom, that are separate from each other.
In the kitchen, you’ll find a range of utensils to cook yourself up some delicious cuisine: frying pans, pots, silverware, measuring cups, cutting shears, garlic mashers, and even a wine opener. There’s also a fridge, kettle, microwave, and a rice cooker.
Likewise, the bathrooms are fully supplied with all necessary amenities: towels (1 mid size body towel and 1 face towel per person), toilet paper, tissues, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, a stool, and washing cups. The only amenity we don’t currently supply is a toothbrush and tooth paste.
Amenities also include also include a washing machine (clean those well traveled clothes!) and an iron/ironing board (to get those wrinkles out for Kabuki Theatre)!
On top of all of the above, you’ll also get portable WiFi that you can take out with you. Just remember to charge it at the end of the day!

You will have exclusive and full access to the apartment.

I will send you a Recommendation list of Kyoto before your check in date.
In the Recommendation list you will find information for
How to take Bus
How to take Taxi
How to travel between Kyoto and Kansai Airport
How to travel between Kyoto and other cities in Japan
Bike rental shops
Kimono rental shops
Hot springs

I will send you a detailed direction guide with all the check in/out information 10 days before your check in date. Please remember to check it!

Feel at peace in this quiet and serene neighborhood. Have some small local cafe near the house too.

Please be aware that this is a very quite neighbourhood where many old Japanese people live. We don't recommend people with small kids to live here. And sorry no party in the house during either day or night please. Please be quite and respectful to your neighbours.

The closest train station from the house is Tobakaido station, which has Keihan line. It's only 1 min walk from the house.
From Tobakaido station, only 1 stop to Fushimi Inari shrine. And 4 stops to Gion Shijo station where it's a easy walk to Gion, Hanamikoji and Kiyoumizu Dera.

I will send you a detailed direction guide PDF file to your given email, 7 days before your check in date. The PDF file will show you how to reach the house from Kyoto station step by step, and how to check in/out.

From Kyoto station, you can choose either train, bus or taxi to the House:

• By train, it takes about 19 mins for the whole journey, and another 180 meter walk from the nearest train station to the apartment. The cost for the train is 270JPY per person.
1. Please take the JR Nara Line (Platform 8, 9 or 10) towards Joyo城阳or Nara奈良.
2. Ride the train for one stop, and get off at Tofukuji东福寺.
3. At Tofukuji东福寺, please change to the Keihan Line京坂缐 (Platform 1) towards Yodoyabashi淀屋桥.
4. Ride the train for 1 stop, and get off at Tobakaido鸟羽街道

• By bus, it take about 10 mins for the whole journey, and another 350 meter walk from the nearest bus stop to the apartment. The cost for the bus is 230JPY per person. Or you can buy the One Day Pass ticket for Kyoto City Bus for 500JPY.
Outside the Kyoto station, there are many bus stops, you are looking for bus number 南5 from bus stop C4 bound for Takeda Sta. Via Inari-taisha Shrine 稻荷大社 竹田駅东口 Ride for about 10 mins, 5 stops. And please get off at Jujo Aifukacho 十条相深町. Bus fee is 230JPY per person. Or you can purchase a One Day Pass ticket for Kyoto City Bus, 500JPY, which allows you to ride any Kyoto City Bus within one day unlimited. One Day Pass can be purchased from the ticket vending machine from the Kyoto bus station, or it could be bought from the bus driver directly when you get off the bus.

• By taxi, it takes about 10-15 mins depends on the traffic. The cost for taxi is around 1500JPY per taxi.

The closest train station is Tobakaido 鸟羽街道 station,only 2 mins walk, which you can take Keihan line to central Kyoto.

From the house you can walk to the most beautiful shrine in all of Japan, the Fushimi Inari shrine, only 10 mins walk. Or by train is only one stop from Tobakaido station.

We can make taxi reservation to pick you up from the Kansai Airport and take you directly to the apartment, vice versa.



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