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1.1. 我的房间靠近东京地下铁丸之内线东高圆寺站,出站步行约三分钟。
My room near Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line / Higashi – Koenji Station(M04) by walk about 3 min.
1.2. 我的房间位于安静的住宅区内,但是却有需多超市、便利店和美食餐厅。
My room is in a quiet residential area, but there is plenty of more food options.
1.3. 附近有五间超市和四间便利店。
There are five supermarkets and four convenience stores near my room.
1.4. 搭乘东京地下铁也只要八分钟就可以抵达新宿车站。
It takes only eight minutes to get to Shinjuku by Tokyo Metro.
1.5. 提供口袋型WiFi机。
Free Pocket WIFI

2.1. 搭乘东京地下铁也只要八分钟就可以抵达新宿车站。
Nera Shinjuku, take by Tokyo Metro about 8 min
2.2. 靠近中野车站,走路约15分钟,搭乘公车只要10分钟。
Near Nakano by work about 15 min, by bus about 10 min.
2.3. 前往吉祥寺也很方便,搭乘地铁需20分钟,搭乘公车约40分钟。
Near Kichijoji by train about 20min, bus about 40min.
2.4. 前往迪斯尼可搭乘地铁到东京车站换乘JR京叶线前往迪斯尼大约50分钟。
Take the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line to Tokyo Sta. and change JR line to Disneyland about 50 min.



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1. 请尊重邻居,在房内尽量降低音量。
Please respect your neighbors, keep noise to a minimum.
2. 请勿在房间内抽烟。
Please do not smoking in the room.
3. 进入房内请脱鞋,并将鞋子置于玄关。
Please take off your shoes at the entrance.
4. Check-in 时间为下午三点以后,Check-out 时间为午前11点。
Check-in time is after 3pm, check-out time is before 11am.
5. 房内虽然空间不大,但是该有的都有,最大入住人数为三人。
Entire private space which is compact but well designed that can fit 3 persons maximum.
6. 请注意,保护环境的原因,不提供个人卫生用品,如牙刷和剃须刀。
Please note that personal hygiene products such as toothbrushes and shavers are not provided due to
environmental reasons.





How to arrive

东京地下铁(Metro) 丸之内线(Marunouchi Line)东高円寺駅(Higashi – koenji Sta._M04)出站走路3分钟
Tokyo Metro / Marunouchi Line / Higashi – Koenji Sta._M04 / walk 3 min

1. 搭乘JR N'EX (成田特快) 前往新宿车站后,转乘东京地下铁(Metro)丸之内线即可
2.搭乘京成电铁 SKYLINER 前往上野车站后,转乘东京地下铁(Metro)银座缐赤坂见附换成丸之内线即可
[Narita airport]
1. JR N'EX to Shinjuku Sta. change Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line to Higashi – Koenji Station(M04).
2. KEISEI Skyliner to Ueno Sta. change Tokyo Metro Ginza Line to Akasaka-mitsuke Sta. and change Marunouchi Line to Higashi – Koenji Station(M04).
[Haneda Airport]
1. KEISEI Airport Domestic Terminal to Shinagawa Sta. change JR Yamanote Line to Shinjuku Sta. and change Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line to Higashi – Koenji Station(M04).


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