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HokkaidoSapporoKita北二十四条西 3-1-...

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Frontier 24 公寓大厦 (フロンティア24)



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Cancellation Policy

  • 60 days prior
  • 60 days prior


We require all reservations to be booked by someone who is part of the reservation and is actually going to stay at the listing. Any reservations booked by a 3rd party and that is not part of the Guest party will be rejected with no refunds and will not be allowed to enter the flat.

General Rules
1. Noise: No house party. Do not make loud noises so that our neighbours are not disturbed.
2. Smoking: Absolutely no smoking inside the unit or incense burning
3. No pets allowed
4. No shoes in the unit except the front entrance. Slippers provided.
5. Maximum of four persons in the flat inclusive of the reservation Guest(s) at any time;
6. Please use our furniture and appliances with care.
7. Cooking: Please do not use metal utensils on non stick pans (to protect the non stick surface). No heavy frying allowed. Do not use stove while unattended.
8. Cleanness: We like our guests to try to keep our unit sufficiently clean during the stay.
9 Heaters and Windows: Turn off all heaters and close the windows when no one is in the unit
10. Keys: Do not give out security key of our digital door lock to other person(s)
11. No subletting of any kind
12. Security: - the flat shall not be used for any illegal or immoral purpose; and - no illegal drugs or controlled substance including possession or use of any kind within the flat or the building and any violators will be immediately reported to the police.





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