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License number:1785

Address:111-4 The Pagoda Experience, 南区西九条比永城町, 京都府, Japan


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为想要品尝真正正宗日本的旅行者创造了终极的住宿体验!我们正在计划回到公路上,这是一个非常少的外国人从未到过的土地。参加我们为您准备的活动和活动。京都站15分钟Toji站7分钟大阪45分钟KIX 90分钟Gion 10分钟

Pagoda Experience是一家持牌酒店。 Nate原本是日本的背包客,他是一位非常爱日本的旅行者,他从未离开过。 Nate已经和Kojima合作了三年。 Kojima的主要工作是承包商,他一直致力于宝塔体验的建设。来自大阪的Nate团队也为您在酒店内手工制作了许多维素。整个团队由日本本地人或旅行者组成。宝塔体验让每位参观者都能体验到日本深厚而丰富的体验,让团队热爱日本。我们非常高兴地向您介绍宝塔体验,在那里您将参加许多活动,向您介绍您从未了解过的京都元素。您将探索很少有gaijin入侵的道路。您将了解京都以外很少有日本人知道的京都历史。 Pagoda Experience为您提供了一个非常棒的,设计精美的房间,但是入住这里的房间不仅仅是房间。你可以深入了解这座令人敬畏的城市。


酒店和旅馆商业法 | 京都市指令保保医 | 第 1785 号


Zizaike host has created the ultimate stay experience for travelers looking to taste the truly authentic Japan that you can be part of! We are planning back road, off-the-beaten-path excursions into lands that very few foreigners have ever been before. Participate in our events and activities that we are planning just for you. Kyoto Station 15 min Toji Station 7 min Osaka 45 min KIX 90 min Gion 10 min

The Pagoda Experience is a licensed Hotel designed and operated by one of the early Zizaike hosts in Japan. Originally a backpacker in Japan, Nate was a traveler who loved Japan so much he never left. Nate has been working with Kojima for three years. Kojima, who's main job is a contractor, has worked on the construction of The Pagoda Experience. Nate's team from Osaka also built many elements you see in the hotel by hand. The entire team is made up either of Japanese natives or travelers as well. The Pagoda Experience gives each visitor a taste of the deep and rich Japan experience that keeps the team loving Japan. We are very excited to introduce you to The Pagoda Experience, where you will partake in many activities to introduce you to elements of Kyoto you never knew existed. You will explore back roads that few gaijin have set foot in. You will learn the history of Kyoto that few Japanese people outside Kyoto know. The Pagoda Experience gives you a really awesome, well designed room, but you get more than a room by staying here. You get the inside look into this awesome city.

This is a full private apartment. You have a kitchen, fridge, appliances, bath tub, and everything is yours to use!

Located near Kyoto station (15 min walk, 25 min with bags), or a short taxi ride (about 500 yen), there are restaurants, supermarkets, and shops less than 5 min away. We are just a few min walk to the famous Toji Pagoda Temple, a landmark of Kyoto. The neighborhood is quaint, old, and is at a pre-gentrification stage. In five years it'll all be different, so come now and enjoy it as has been for the past 50 years!

Part of the fun of staying at The Pagoda Experience is the activities. Definitely no pressure to participate, but you are the reason why we make this happen!

This Apartment is very close to Toji temple.
5 mins walk to Toji station.
20 mins walk to Kyoto station.

Kyoto Station is walkable, but if you have bags we recommend a taxi (about 500~600 yen). Aeon mall is very close, about 10 minutes. Aeon mall has just about everything you need. Nearby the Hotel there are restaurants, bars, shops and supermarkets nearby Toji station. The nearby proximity of the hotel has a few restaurants and shops too. From Toji station you can visit Nara by Kintetsu line. From Kyoto station you can also visit Nara by JR line, also Osaka, Kobe. Kyoto subway station will bring you to anywhere in Kyoto, such as Gion. You can also ride the buses from Kyoto station. There is a bus stop very nearby the Hotel.

Please follow all instructions given before arrival by our staff.



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