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"Ruyi • House language"
Osaka travel best choice for housing, very convenient! This house is close to Shinsaibashi, Dotonbori, Namba, the traffic is also very convenient to the attractions of various stations very convenient, comfortable environment, clean and tidy houses;
Surrounding 24h convenience stores, shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment, everything, to provide you with a very convenient environment for the journey.

★★★★★ Large room, one room, fully equipped, with sofa, washing machine, can occupy up to 5 people, ★★★★★

★ about 5 minutes walk from Nipponbashi station.
★ Walk to Shinsaibashi for about 5 minutes.
★ Walk to Dotonbori about 4 minutes.
★ about 13 minutes walk from "Takashimaya", a famous shopping mall in Japan.
★ Room free mobile WIFI, make your travel more convenient.
★ free coffee in the room for you to drink.
★ Fully equipped kitchen, including condiments, so that you are in a foreign land is also convenient for the production of their favorite food.
★ The landlord provides 24 hours contact phone, if you encounter difficulties in the journey, the first time to provide you with the help we can.
★ All sheets are subject to rigorous cleaning, disinfection, ease of use.
★ bathroom using wet and dry separation.



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Cancellation Policy

  • 365 days prior
  • 365 days prior


入住时间为15:00 - 22:00
★★★ 入住提示 ★★★
★ 请在任何时间减低声量,以免影附近的邻居,特别是晚上22点以后~
★ 请不要带宠物入住
★ 请不要在房间内抽烟,可在阳台外面抽烟。
★ 未经确认的客人请勿在房间过夜
★ 请不要破坏房间内的陈设
★ 离开房间时请您关闭空调和点灯,并锁好门窗
★ 外出时请务必带好钥匙出门。

Check-in is from 15:00 to 22:00
★ ★ ★ check the tips ★ ★ ★
★ Please reduce the volume at any time, so as not to shadow near the neighbors, especially after 22 pm ~
★ Please do not bring pets to stay
★ Please do not smoke in the room, you can smoke outside the balcony.
★ Please do not check out the room in the room
★ Please do not destroy the furnishings in the room
★ When you leave the room, please turn off the air conditioning and lighting, and lock the doors and windows
★ When you go out, be sure to bring your keys out.



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How to arrive


★ about 5 minutes walk from Nipponbashi station.
★ Walk to Shinsaibashi for about 5 minutes.
★ Walk to Dotonbori about 4 minutes.


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