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  • 2 Confirm by host
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バスセンター前7番450m/最大4人/Wifi D6




最寄りのスポットは札幌のアート・カルチャー、新鲜な素材を使ったおいしいレストラン、家族向けのアクティビティー。カップル、ひとり旅、子ども连れファミリーにぴったりです。3岁以下は无料ですが、3岁以上であっても添い寝するお子様も无料にしております。ご家族でぜひご利用くださいね! ^^



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Cancellation Policy

  • 14 days prior
  • 7 days prior


BE CAREFUL: If delay for chackout time, you may be charged cleaning fee double.

Charge for damage(Standard amounts)
- 键复制 Key copy (配钥匙)US$20-60
- 键夜间配达 Night time Key delivery (夜间钥匙送递) US$30
- トースター Toaster (烤面包机)US$30
- 镜 Mirror (镜子)US$50
- WIFIケーブル WIFI cable(WIFI电缆) US$10
- ドライヤー Hairdryer (吹风机)US$25
- 电気ポット Electric Kettle(电热壶) US$35

Check in — Sorry, we decline early check-in in most case. Please ask prior to your arrival date, if needed.
Get your key and enter room BY YOURSELF please.
People of building don't know about you. So, please contact host for help.

Check out — Sorry, we decline late check-out in most case. Please ask prior to your departure date, if needed.

Shoes — Please take off your shoes at the entrance of our home. This is a common practice in most homes and temples in Japan.

Extending Your Stay — Any request to extend your stay be communicated to us at least 2 days before your checkout date. ( Eg. If you are checking out at 10am on Feb 3rd, please tell us by 23:59 of Feb 1st)

Shortening Your Stay — If you would like to shorten your reservation, NO REFUND will be given if the request is made less than 7 days before Check-In day. (Request made earlier is acceptable)

Smoking — We kindly ask you not to smoke inside the property, including the balcony.

Rest Room — PLEASE DO NOT FLUSH ANYTHING ELSE OTHER THAN TOILET PAPER, such as TISSUE PAPER. Otherwise, there is a possibility of damage to the toilet pipe.

Garbage —
The cleaning staff collects the garbage.
Please give me a message when the garbage is full.
Please separate garbage into two types:
1. Bottle , can , PET bottle
2. Other garbage
Thanks for your cooperation.

Kitchen & Refrigerator — Please return each of the equipment you used to their original places when you check-out. Please DO NOT leave anything in refrigerator when you check-out.

Environmentally Friendly — Please make sure to turn off all the lights, air conditioner and heater, the gas for the stove and other electric devises, and running water when you go out or leave the property.

Noise — We ask that you keep the noise to a respectful level during your stay, especially in the evenings. We have very kind neighbors so we want to be respectful in return. No parties, please!

Security — We request that during your stay you keep the key and make sure the property is locked when no one is present. If unexpected guests arrive, please do not let them on the premise.

Safety — Please be extra careful when near windows or using the balcony, especially on higher floors. We will not be held responsible should any accidents occur due to the carelessness of the guest.

INDOOR - Keep yourself away from the windows, doors, and furniture. Stay until the shaking stops. Protect your head from the falling things.
OUTDOOR - Keep yourself away from the wall of building.
Stay until the shaking stops. Protect your head from the falling things.
IN A CAR - Stop quickly and safely keeping away from the wall of building and the falling things.

Thank you for understanding and please let us know as early as possible if you would like to make any changes to your reservation dates.





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How to arrive

[ Access from New Chitose Airport]

・ From New Chitose Airport
- Shinchitosekuko Station -> Shin-Sapporo Station (via Kaisoku Airport towards Asahikawa)
- Shin-Sapporo Station -> Bus Center Mae Station (via Tozai Line towards Miyanosawa)


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