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【简介】 位于东京新宿舒适的环境,于2017二月全新开幕!从都营大江户缐"西新宿五丁目站"A1出口走路不到两分钟即可到达。拥有全新的家具及家电,并有专人清洁及更换干净的被单被套床套等等。房间大小为11坪左右,含一个大双人床及双人沙发床。方便舒适的环境可轻松地从城市小筑前往东京的每个角落。城市小筑将会是你在东京旅游最好的选择!

New open cozzy place in Tokyo, Shinjuku. Less than 2mins from Nishi-Shinjuku 5Chome Station by Walk. With all new furniture. The house is 33m² with 1 twin bed and 1 sofa bed. Convenient place to reach to everyplace in Tokyo. Urban Flat is your best choice when you visit Japan.



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・进入屋内请脱鞋 (付有室内拖鞋)
・请将垃圾分类丢入垃圾桶、保持屋内整洁 (如屋内有过度脏亂情况,将会 向您收取除了正常清洁之外额外的清洁费用)
・垃圾无须拿去丢弃,只需依照可燃、不可燃及罐子分类丢入垃圾桶当中即 可,清洁人员会再您离开后帮您处理 ・离开房间时请随手关灯、冷气,并留意家中电器是否关闭
・请勿将屋内物品随手带走,旅游信息及地铁搭乘信息欢迎大家取阅。如屋 内物品有遗失状况,我们将与您收取额外费用
・请告知您预计的入房及预计离去之时间,以便于我们在您 到达之前将屋内整理至最舒适的状态 (不需要完全照您所预计的时间入 住,只需要大约的时间即可)

【House Rules】
・Don’t smoke inside the room.
・Please remove shoes before entering.
・Please keep the room clean (If you leave the room in bad condition, I would consider it damage to my apartment and I would have to charge the cost incurred from security deposit.)
・Please separate garbage according to types: burnables (Paper, food waste, plastics, diapers, fabrics), glass bottles, cans, PET bottles.
・Please leave all the garbage in the room when you check out (cleaning staff will do the rest for you.)
・Please always turn off the air conditioners and check all electronic device whenever you leave the room.
・Don't take any properties from the room with you. If things are lost or damage, we may deduct the cost incurred from the security deposit.
・Please let me know your check-in/out time ( not necessarily the exact time, but roughly when ) at least one day before your arrival or departure.
・We hope you can enjoy your time in Japan and stay in our place like your own house. Please feel free to ask me any question about visiting Tokyo or any place we can do better for your trip.



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How to arrive


步行1~2分钟即可到达都营大江户缐西新宿五丁目车站 (A1出口)
步行1~2分钟即可到达西新宿五丁目公车站 (前往新宿)
步行7分钟即可到达利木津巴士站 (东京希尔顿饭店

【Traffic Introduce】
45sec. to Parking Lot.
90sec. to Nishi-Shinjuku 5Chome Station (Exit A1)
90sec. to Nishi-Shinjuku 5Chome Bus Station.
7mins. to Limousine Bus Station (Hilton Hotel)


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